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Supersport NG TechRules

FIM recently published the provisional technical ruler for Supersport category on 2022 .

It’s comfirmed the use of our electronic management unit , Mectronik MKE5 ( for 300 ) and Mectronik MKE7 ( for 600 New generation ) .

Here below You can download the full document . We strongly advise to take close look to it .

FIM WEB SITE : Supersport NG tecnical rules ( provisional ) for 2022

There are some points that We would like to highlight .

In particultar from page 15 , the Article “Electrics and electronics ” .

about point q : “All shift lights must be only ‘White’. “

We are working with 2D datarecording to have a special version of BigDash with white light , please contact our sales departments ( ) for ant more details , You can already Pre-Order the BigDash Supersport version from our store :

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