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Lambda for Supersport 2024

For Supersport Next Generation application , from firmware 2.27.36 , We introduced cylinder by cylinder Lambda Closed Loop control .

The new features introduced on this application need an update for Lambda Controller also , including a new Point To Point CAN protocol . So You MUST update Your Mectronik MKL1 or Mectronik MKL2 controller . Only Mectronik MKL1 , MKL2 and future devices will be compatible with this application .

We supply 4 different firmware , each for different ID so to be able to serve up to 4 cylinders :


MKLx Firmware Version NG 2024 V 3.0.1 - 35 kb 338 downloads

Firmware for MKL1 and MKL2 for Supersport NG 2024 . ...

For firmware update You must use software MECAL with CANUSB K :


MECLAB for MKE1 and MKE6 Version 6.6.18 - 20.44 MB 159 downloads

MECALB is the calibration tool in use for MKE1 and MKE6 ECUs . This need the CANSUB...

For more details You can check the datasheet of You device :


MKL1 Datasheet Version 2.0 - 3 Mb 198 downloads

Datasheet  for MKL1 Wide Band Lambda controller , compatible with Bosch LSU 4.9...

MKL2 Datasheet Version 1.0 - 0.5 Mb 202 downloads

Datasheet  for MKL2 Dual Wide Band Lambda controller , compatible with Bosch LSU...

On ECU configuration You can select what Lambda device is in use for each cylinder :

There some more new settings , You can now select the allowed limit for both CLOSED LOOP correction and ADAPTIVE correction :

You have full control also for lambda control activation , defining it on a table :

For this table , setting a value =0 the control is OFF , for value =1 only the closed loop is active , for value=3 both closed loop and adaptive controls will be active . ( Value =2 is reserved ) .

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