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Moto2™ Junior GP – 2023

Here We publish the last updated documents related to Moto2™ Junior GP for 2023 season .

New details are included on PDF document :


Moto2 General Info Version 2.1.0 - 1.5 MB 1032 downloads

Commercial Informations for Moto2 European championship 2023 . ...

You can pre-order the parts directly from our online store ( ) or writing to .

From electronic point of view , there are some compulsory parts :

To connect Your laptop with ECU , You need also :

Some other parts are not compulsory , but We can supply it ( as well as the compulsory above ) :

For a correct ECU installation , necessary for good IMU measurements , we strongly recommend :

You may need some adapter cables also , this can help in Your installation :

Here below a link to document with CAN Protocols details :


Moto2 CAN protocol Version V 1.1 - 500 kb 103 downloads

CAN BUS Protocol details for Moto2 Junior GP Applications . Contains excel sheet...

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