Windows 10 with ARM CPU

If You are using a computer with Windows 10 and ARM CPU , You should know that some drivers can’t run on it . In details , for MECAL users , the driver for our CANUS L is not supported . Here below and extract from Microsoft : Drivers for hardware, games and apps will […]

A reading proposal .

We are proud to have given our contribution by providing some advice and material for the realization of this text. We recommend reading it both to trained technicians and to people who are approaching the electronic management of track bikes for the first time. The book is available now both in Italian on Amazon , and in […]

Racecar App Notes

We just released 2 applications notes related to RACECAR applications for MKE5 and MKE7 . First one describe the features of MKE5 compared with MKE7 : Second one is an utility ( excel sheet ) that help on configurations for 6 and 8 cylinders : For Your reference , You can always find same documents […]

Webinar Access

To access our webinars , first of all You must register to the event You are interested on . From web site menu , select EVENTS Click on EVENT You are interested on ( Fig. 1 ) Book Your EVENT ( Fig. 2 ) We will process Your request , and in case of limited […]

Website tour

Take few minutes to view this video , maybe You discover something You don’t know about this web site .

Supersport Rule Table

For Supersport champioships that follow the FIM would chiampionship , You can take notes of homologated electronics for : Hardware Firmware Engine Calibration Map Rev Limiters

New Website ( this! )

We think that customer support is importat as much as good products . For this reason We try to increase day by day the services quality and offer to technicians that use our products and company that trust in us . This web site is one more step in this direction , putting on same […]