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Yamaha R6 – 2021 Update

Following lot of requests , We just released an update for Yamaha R6 ECUs .

The update version is 1.12.15 , and its can be applied to ECU models YMER6KIT and YMER6WSS .

This update include following improvements :

  • Support of direct measure of ABS 2 wires sensors ( need MKE7 hardware version 3.2.x )
  • Same firmware support for both YMER6KIT and YMER6WSS
  • New IMU algorithm ( for YMER6KIT only )
  • Support for Downshift on YMER6WSS ( YMER6KIT already did it )
  • Support for Traction Control on YMER6WSS ( YMER6KIT already did it )
  • Support for Launch Control on YMER6WSS ( YMER6KIT already did it )

The firmware update should be made using following tools :

The prefered method to update Your MECAL with this new release is to create a blank WORSKPACE like described on the following FAQ :

This update can be through using YAMAHA CLOUD from inside MECAL ( read this document for any more details about this update method ) :


MECAL Updates from Cloud Version 1.0 - 2.2 Mb 317 downloads

Additional User Manual for MECAL .This corver the updates of workspaces from CLOUD...

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