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Gear Shift Trigger and Re-Arm threshold

In the Gear shift startegy tab the trigger and re arm values can be set. As a general rule the Trigger’s ABSOLUTE VALUE must be always higher than the re-arm value:

Trigger: Amount of force (Nm) needed to activate the strategy

Re-arm: Amount of force (Nm) needed to reactivate the strategy after a trigger

Some examples:

If your trigger for upshift is 200 Nm then your re arm value should be substantially lower than 200, for example 150 Nm.

If your trigger for downshift is -200 Nm then your rearm value could be -150 Nm. The absolute value of -200 is 200. The absolute value of -150 is 150 (I-150I = 150). Therefore I-200I > I-150I , 200 > 150.

In the SSPNG firmware starting from 2.24 the trigger can be modified in function of force rate of change. All the values in this new table MUST have an absolute value higher than the rearm absolute value as described above.

To correctly set your quick shift strategy please refer to:

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