Sensors for Suspension

Reading the suspensions position could be easy , but in reality if You would like to have accurate measures , You should know how the sensor is made and how the ECU’s input is made . Usually ECU have many analog inputs , each one with different characteristics , with PULL UP ( to 5 […]

Button Setup in SS NextGeneration

For existing applications , caming from FIM Supersport 600 , often there is an issue related to button setup . The Next Generation rules are moving on a direction to unify some parts , including left hand buttons . This is to have unified system to manigate through the DashBoard for the technical check . […]

Supersport 2022 Schematics ( updated )

We just released the official schematic draws for some Supersport Next Generation ( DUCATI V2 and TRIUMPH 765 ) , this should be used as reference for motorbike used from 2022 World Championship , and National Championships that follow the FIM technical rules for Supersport Next Generation . Please consider that You should ever check […]

MKE5-7 Fixing

One of most importan and often difficult work to do is the ECU fixing . Lot of applications that use MKE5 and MKE7 need a proper installation , because of the ECU have internal IMU , and this is used for BIKE CRASH detection and for more advanced applications for LEAN and PITCH angle estimation […]

2D Data Recovery

Dowloading data from Stick Logger V2 ( from 2019 ) with old software ( before 2019 ) , You can have inconsistent data , because of data format changes . On following document You can read something about cause and solutions .

MKE7 Connector Tips

The design and manufacturing of a racing wiring loom is not easy, the most common problems coming from the wiring loom are often small details, but this makes the difference between winning or losing a championship. We are sure You can get some important tips from the document here below . You can download it […]

12+1 Rules about wiring loom design

Often problems come from wiring looms , and this are caused by following reasons : Failure due to crash Failure due to bad manufacturing Failure due to bad design So …. first of all the schematic drawings sould be made following some simple rules : Twist cables for actuators with high current ( expecially in […]

Yamaha R6 Speed sensors

From 2017 the MKE7 was used by Yamaha for his Yamaha R6 racing applications . Two ECU models was made : YMER6WSS : for Supersport racing class , without special rider aid YMER6KIT : for all other classes where rider aid are allowed This ECU models are still commercialized by Yamaha Italy , and Yamaha […]

Lambda Adaptive Quick Reference Guide

The Lambda Adaptive function works in parallel with the Lambda Closed Loop control. The main advantage is to have a quicker response on fuel injection control . For a full understanding about how the Lambda Closed Loop Control works, we advise to read the following document : It’s very important to understand that Lambda Adaptive […]

Using Workspaces

This quick reference guide is about installing and using workspaces. Workspaces are a simple way to open or change the ECU software you are working on, for example for switching from SSP 600 to SSP 300.Once Mecal has been installed and launched for the first time this screen will appear: Download template from internet will […]