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Sometimes We receive requests for help , to understand the reason why Engine switch off on the straight without an clear reason . Often the reason is a wrong installation of the ECU ( too much vibration ) , that impact on the IMU ( Inertial Measurement Unit ) installed on board on the ECU […]

Lambda for Supersport 2024

For Supersport Next Generation application , from firmware 2.27.36 , We introduced cylinder by cylinder Lambda Closed Loop control . The new features introduced on this application need an update for Lambda Controller also , including a new Point To Point CAN protocol . So You MUST update Your Mectronik MKL1 or Mectronik MKL2 controller […]

MKE7 Firmware Update

Before starting the procedure description, it is important to understand the relationship between: To work the ECU needs in THIS SEQUENCE. Hardware and firmware are strictly related. Firmwares are made for a specific hardware. Example 1: On a YAMAHA YMERWSS or YMERKIT only the specific firmware will work. It is not possible to use a […]

Button Setup in SS NextGeneration

For existing applications , caming from FIM Supersport 600 , often there is an issue related to button setup . The Next Generation rules are moving on a direction to unify some parts , including left hand buttons . This is to have unified system to navigate through the DashBoard for the technical check . […]

MECAL updates from internet

Software upgrade is underway! The UPDATE FROM INTERNET BUTTON has been disabled! To download updates go on FILE and select WORKSPACE CREATE. The popup window shown below will appear. Choose download template from internet (an internet connection is needed). In the window, all available workspaces will be shown and are ALWAYS updated. The workspaces have […]

Engine Brake Trimmer (Fw 2.24 onwards)

What does it do? It modifies throttle position to modify engine brake. Rider side: Two buttons (monostable) + (plus) and – (minus). It can be set as + (plus) = more engine brake or as + (plus) = more throttle (less engine brake). This last solution is not recommended, +(plus) as + EB is easier […]

Gear Shift Trigger and Re-Arm threshold

In the Gear shift startegy tab the trigger and re arm values can be set. As a general rule the Trigger’s ABSOLUTE VALUE must be always higher than the re-arm value: Trigger: Amount of force (Nm) needed to activate the strategy Re-arm: Amount of force (Nm) needed to reactivate the strategy after a trigger Some […]

Sensors for Suspension

Reading the suspensions position could be easy , but in reality if You would like to have accurate measures , You should know how the sensor is made and how the ECU’s input is made . Usually ECU have many analog inputs , each one with different characteristics , with PULL UP ( to 5 […]

MECAL 3.0 Released

Mectronik Calibration Tool MECALTM is the main tool to access and monitor the MKE5 and MKE7 ECUs , it’s widely used for many different applications . From version 3.0 , two different license level are available , the SMALL and the PRO version . Here Below a comparison table : Function SMALL( free download ) […]

Supersport 2022 Schematics ( updated )

We just released the official schematic draws for some Supersport Next Generation ( DUCATI V2 and TRIUMPH 765 ) , this should be used as reference for motorbike used from 2022 World Championship , and National Championships that follow the FIM technical rules for Supersport Next Generation . Please consider that You should ever check […]

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