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12+1 Rules about wiring loom design

Often problems come from wiring looms , and this are caused by following reasons :

  1. Failure due to crash
  2. Failure due to bad manufacturing
  3. Failure due to bad design

So …. first of all the schematic drawings sould be made following some simple rules :

  1. Twist cables for actuators with high current ( expecially in case the actuator have inductive impedence , and the command is with a PWM or pulsed ) . This is true expecially for : electric motors ( Ride By Wire ) , coils , and injectors , lambda heater .
  2. Use twisted and shielded cables , sensors for pulses : Pickups for Crank and Cam , Speed
  3. Use twisted and shielded cables very low current sensors : Lambda
  4. Use twisted and shielded cables CAN BUS lines
  5. Use twisted and shielded cables for safety relevant sensors : GAS and TPS if used for Ride By Wire
  6. Keep High current cables ( e.g. coils ) far as spossible from sensitive sensors ( e.g. Pickup ) . This is a consideration about layout .
  7. Use fuses to protect Control Units ( e.g. from reverse polarity )
  8. Use separate fuses for critical sensors / actuators ( speed sensors , lambda , quick shift sensor ) , so to prevent ECU switch off in case of problem to this auxigliary devices .
  9. Connect the shield to power ground , on one side only , this will prevent current loop on the shield conductor
  10. Connect all the power ground on the same point on engine
  11. Use only 1 cable to connect engine anc battery ground
  12. Follow the requirements about Power Supply , described on Control Units documentation
  13. Follow the requirements for Molex connectors ( for MKE7 and MKE5 ECUs )

Twisting high current cables , will limit the electromagnetic noises emission .

For similar reasons , twisting and shielding cables for sensors , will limit the electromagnetic noises capture .

If You are designing a wiring loom for MKE5 and MKE7 , We strongly advise to read carefully the documents here below :


MKE7 Hardware Manual Version 1.0 - 500 kb 611 downloads

User Manual for MKE7 Engine control unit . This corver all hardare details , very...

MKE7 Connector Tips Version 1.0 - 3.5 MB 321 downloads

Very important tips for wiring loom manufacturing using MKE7 and MKE5 connectors...

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